I very happy with the services Jennifer provided me, the process was flawless, and all my concerns were answered and clarified on a professional, very qualified manner. I think the whole process was easy, but I feel hiring Jennifer was the best decision I've could ever make. And everything played out just fine. Amazingly, I took a shorter time than we initially were expecting. She also was always available on the phone to clarify any questions or concerns. If for whatever reason you need a lawyer for your immigration case, look no further.

- Marcos, Sep 2019


Jennifer and Anne were very professional in handling my parents permanent resident case. They explained everything clearly and were very specific concerning the timeline in which each step occurred. My wife and I felt very much involved in the whole process. They were very helpful in answering all of our questions and concerns. A smooth process and a even better end result. I highly recommend Immin law to anyone with immigration needs.

- Kuei, Aug 2019


IMIN Law is an amazing law firm to go through. Their prices are great, especially for the attention to detail and the level of service you receive are bar none. I have even gotten speedy responses on Saturday!!! How many law firms can provide you with that kind of service at a reasonable price? I will definitely be using IMIN Law for all my immigration needs. Thanks again!

She is a wonderful attorney! She helped my wife immigrate to the United States quickly and easily. She provided fast responses to all the questions I had, and I had several. Jennifer explained to my all the options I had, and told me about all the pros and cons of each option. She made the process of getting my wife's visa very simple.

- Andrew Lovely, Aug 2019


The best of the best. Don't waste your time looking for a laywer go-to her very professional and personal her and her assistant Ann work well together. They will solve your problem no matter of The case. They answere your questions no matter what time or what day looks like they work 24/7. They are always there for you. Very very recommend

- Matthew Hein, June 2019


Jennifer Ahn and her assistant Ann successfully helped me with my application for a Green Card. I appreciated that Jennifer and her assistant Ann always responded promptly to any questions or concerns and also contacted me when anything needed to be acted on. The process went very smoothly. Jennifer attended our interview and my husband and I felt a bit unprepared for this and so I came away feeling that I could have answered the questions a lot better by giving more information. Jennifer felt the interview went well and she was right as I was very happy to receive my Green Card in the mail several weeks later. Fees at IMIN Law are fairly standard for this service.

- Ruth Gray, June 2019


Jennifer is outstanding Attorney and she has in-depth knowledge in immigration and handled my green card process seamless. She is very patience in answering all or queries and helps us understand. I am really glad that we found Jennifer to handle our GC process. Thank you Jennifer. Appreciate all your help! And also thanks to Ann IMIN staff.

- dheeraj garapati, June 2019

GOOGLE REVIEW / AVVO: Excellent immigration Attorney! ★★★★★ 

It has been my pleasure to work with Attorney Jennifer and her legal Assistant Ann on my mother green card application. The way they handled the case is very professional. All my calls and emails were always answered promptly. My mother just got the permanent residence card in less than 3 months from filing. Jennifer and her team are just awesome! I really appreciate all help and would love to recommend this Law Firm to others who need immigration assistance.

- M. Awad, June 2019


For many years my family and I have been trying hardest to find wonderful and reliable lawyer to help us obtain green card. We are thankful to find Jennifer Ahn, who knew what she was doing. She is reliable, knowledgeable and explained everything to us to make us understand what our next steps are and the process it is going through. We are going to see our families who are back home after 13 years this summer and we are at our happiest. Again thank you Jennifer for all your help and best of luck for your family and for your business! Thank you!

- Anonymous, April 2019


Our family starting my mother, brother, and me have all relied on IMIN Law for obtaining our permanent residency. And it has just been a great experience and they had made the process so easy for us. Once we have provided IMIN Law with our initial documents for the application, the firm completed the application and organized the documents very neatly and sent back some forms to get our signatures. They were on top of any updates for their clients and never missed a phone call (or would call back at a reasonable time if they missed). Before the permanent residency interview we scheduled to talk over the phone with Jennifer, the attorney, to fully prepare us for the interview. This was very helpful that led us to have a rather smooth interview at the USCIS. The attorney and attorney assistance were very nice, professionals, and knowledgeable. I would recommend IMIN Law to my friends or family or to those pursuing legal case towards immigration law.

- Cathy Sung, April 2019


They been working with me for wife's k1 visa and interview. I'll say best of best. Accuracy, sincerity and quick response..etc. IMIN LAW group works !

Thank you again

- Brian Cho, April 2019


Thank you Jennifer H. for helping my family with there emigration status, we knew that we were with the right person from the first day, really professional team you have, I can't describe how happy we are with your services. Big recommendation for you.

- Osbaldo luna, Mar 2019


Very detail oriented and professional staff. IF it is necessary they make themselves available after hours and in the weekends to answer any questions or concerns you have. When you are on the phone with the staff or in the office you never feel rushed. You would get a response very quickly. Fees are also very reasonable and in fact lower than other immigration law firms I have researched. I would highly recommend IMIN LAW.


IMIN LAW has helped us to fill out all the necessary forms accurately and in a timely manner. Throughout the whole process, I have been updated and explained every single step. We filed for Permanent Residency based on marriage in 2016 and received approval within four months. And the second time we filed I-751 and have received an approval notice and less than two weeks in received my ten-year card. Since 2015 we have been working with Jennifer and her staff and they are truly professional in their field. They have made our application process easier than we thought. Whenever we were over the phone with Jennifer or with her staff I have never felt rushed which helped me to ask all my questions. Again, I express my sincere gratitude to Jennifer and her staff members. I highly recommend IMIN LAW.

- Bahodir Bokiyev, Feb 2019

​​​​​​​​​​GOOGLE REVIEW ★★★★★ 

Imin law has very kind representatives that helped me so very much. I recommend IMIN Law.

- Jenny Kwak, Feb 2019


I’m a perfectionist, so I did my research for my husband’s green card case before I went in for a consultation with Lawyer Jennifer Ahn at IMIN Law and ended up retaining her. From the start, she told us what documents were required, why, and what kind of additional documents would help our case. It was obvious to me that she had a lot of experience and we were in good hands. I was so relieved and felt we made the right choice based on the advice and guidance she gave us.

The attorney and staff were very friendly and helped us efficiently and accurately, so that my husband was able to receive his green card faster than we had expected. For anyone who is looking for a trustworthy and reliable immigration attorney, I can recommend this law office with great confidence!

- Eunice Lee, Dec 2018

​​​​​​​​GOOGLE REVIEW ★★★★★ 

Working with Jennifer Ahn and her Law Firm has been such a great help to me and it means so much. Jennifer Ahn made the process of getting my green card so smooth and her professionalism in handling my case inspired me. I highly recommend Jennifer Ahn, IMIN Law Firm for a no hassle and professional job well done.

- Gantsetseg Oyunbaatar, Nov 2018

​​​​​​​GOOGLE REVIEW ★★★★★ 

Jennifer has done for me what others said was impossible. Would highly recommend.

- Anton P., Oct 2018

​​​​​​GOOGLE REVIEW ★★★★★ 

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Jennifer Ahn and her team to get a green card approved successfully due to her professionalism and expertise. The service I received from Jennifer at IMIN law firm was extraordinary and outstanding thoroughly. I will continue to refer her and her law firm to anyone for immigration matters and will continue to be a supporter and a client. She deserves a reward and needs to be more recognized for her excellence and the accomplishments!!!

First of all, I can't thank Jennifer Ahn and the entire team enough for offering the outstanding immigration service which led my family to successfully obtain green cards. As I was looking for an Attorney to help us obtain a permanent residence, we noticed online that Jennifer has been far superior immigration Attorney. And also, I find very few human beings like her in this world who is professional, caring and compassionate at all times. 
As I am extremely satisfied with her outstanding service, I would 100% recommend her to anyone who are in need of help for any immigration matter and I personally will retain her service again for the citizenship process. 
Once again, I sincerely appreciate your tireless efforts and time you put in this case to finally get approved and pray that Lord blesses you and the law firm for everything you have done. 
Without overstating, Jennifer Ahn is the BEST and the WINNER in the industry!!!

- Dave S., Oct 2018

​​​​​​GOOGLE REVIEW ★★★★★

Jennifer processed our immigration case very professionally and also personally. She truly made sure our case was completed without error and quickly. Her fees are reasonable and worth the attention and detail she put in.

- Solongo Kim, Jun 2018


I've been using Jennifer Ahn help for several years and cases. She is absolutely the best immigration attorney I dealt with (I used several during last 27 years, before I discovered her). Very professional, responsible and precise attorney with very good skills and attitude. My success rate with her is 100% (three H1B visas and one green card). If you want to be legal in this country she is perfect.

- Vladislav Orlovsky, Jun 2018


​Attorney Jennifer Ahn is the best immigration attorney! I just received my green card after my interview and couldn't be happier. While my employer filed the I-140 petition for me, I was told to find an attorney for my I-485 case. I called several attorneys and Jennifer Ahn was one of them. The first time I called, I was not able to speak to her but spoke to her assistant. Unlike the other offices I called, she actually asked me questions about my case. The other offices I called didn't ask me anything and told me to just come in for a consultation. Just a consultation? At least tell me if your office is able to handle the case or not instead of just telling me to come in. I don’t want to waste my time or anyone else’s. Anyways, after talking to the assistant, I felt comfortable enough to go in for a consultation with Jennifer because she seemed to know the gist of what type of case mine was.

After my consultation, I knew that I wanted to go with Jennifer. She explained the entire process to me in a way that was easy to understand and went over several important points with me. She was very matter of fact and direct, which I really appreciated. One issue that I was very concerned about was that I had a visa that was valid for another year and a half or so. I didn’t know if I should be applying for the EAD and AP or not and she explained the pros and cons of applying for them while on my status and I ended up not applying for it and it worked out perfectly for me.

To be honest there were attorneys that quoted cheaper fees but they didn't seem like the right choice for me. They didn't seem to care about my case and didn't ask me about the details regarding anything either. A few even started the consultation by telling me how they were the best and that they do similar cases as mine all the time and it would be a piece of cake. I mean, hello? Can we focus on my case here?

Throughout the case, Jennifer and her assistant were very helpful and responsive. At first I was a little nervous because some of my coworkers told me that they couldn't get into contact with their attorneys and that the assistants never got back to them. One even told me that their attorney never asked for documents until the last minute so he was always scrambling to get them. I kind of found that hard to believe because for every question or concern I had, I was able to get in touch with the office. If the attorney wasn't available, the assistant would call me back after talking to the attorney. They made the entire process very easy and simple for me. My case had no request for evidences issued and the interview came out sooner than I expected. Jennifer went with me to the interview and she prepared me very well. I went into her office before the interview and she went through the application with me and prepared me for the interview by making sure I had all of my documents in order. The interview went very smoothly and the officer told me that he would be able to approve my case that day and two weeks later, I got my bright and shiny green card in the mail!

I cannot thank the IMIN Law team enough for turning a potentially stressful situation into an easy, smooth process. I have recommended Jennifer to my coworkers who haven’t found attorneys yet and would also recommend her to anyone who needs immigration help!

- Aki Nakayama, Jun 2018


If you are looking for help with immigration procedures, reach out to Jennifer Ahn. My husband is from Canada and Jennifer walked us through the process of getting his immigrant visa. We could not have done it without her help. Much thanks, Jennifer. You are amazing!

- Cheryl Frerichs, May 2018

​​​​GOOGLE REVIEW  ★★★★★

​Truly Awesome Lawyer
Mrs. Jennifer is really kind and pay attention to any detail and precise. Also, her team is truly fun to work with. I got my green card recently. I couldn't thank her enough for all that she did for me. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an immigration best lawyer.

- Unuru, Sky B, Apr 2018


We cant say enough positive feedback about Jennifer and her team. Jennifer is very kind, patient and professional. Since day 1, Jennifer was very prompt. We had our consultation and she walked us through the process every step of the way. Jennifer and Ann were always available to answer any questions or concerns that we had. Our case was a little complicated, but Jennifer was very reassuring through out the process and put us at ease. We are very pleased with her services and will definitely recommend her firm to anyone seeking immigration assistance. 
Thanks for all your help, 
Jessica and Bill

​- Jessica Rosime and Bill Nyanue, Mar 2018


Jennifer Ahn is the best lawyer I have ever met. She was hired for my family’s permanent residency EB2 case. 
She is kind mannered and professional. I highly recommend Jennifer Ahn and her team for detailed guidance and systematic work. Thank you for your help.

byonghwan choi, Feb 2018


“Most Painless Lawyer Experience: It is really refreshing when you find an attorney that doesn't waste your time and money. Attorney Ahn was both professional and detail-orientated, letting us know the hurdles through every step of the process and any queries that we may have had were responded quickly and promptly.

Bottom line is attorney Ahn and her staff are very tentative and on top of the whole process and also working with attorney Ahn and her staff was just a pleasure from the very beginning - they were friendly, supportive, and always took the time to listen/talk.

All in all - truly a fantastic experience! Highly recommend Attorney Ahn for immigration needs….”

- roger chae, Feb 2018


I can say that Jennifer Ahn exceeded all my expectations. She was hired for my citizenship case matter and , the outcome was faster and much better than I had even hoped for. It is due to Ms. Ahn’s very professional and compassionate manner. She is very trustworthy and an exceptional attorney. If I am ever again in need of an attorney I would not hesitate to hire Jennifer Ahn.

- Youngmin, Feb 2018


she was very efficient at getting me approved for permanent residency without any hassel.
From the beginning of my case, from gathering of my documents to filing the case I received accurate and friendly assistance

- Changyoun Lee, Jan 2018


친절하고 정확하고 언제나 궁금한것에 대해서 빠르고 성실하게 답변해줌
감사합니다. 덕분에 영주권 잘 빨리 잘 나왔습니다.

- 이창연, Jan 2018


IMIN law took care of my case meticulously at every stage that we could have clear understanding and good results. Thank you.

- Jaeuk Jeong, Dec 2017


I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an immigration lawyer. I have met many lawyers before i go to her. She was the only one who is trustworthy and reliable. She is really efficient and helpful. She knows what she is doing. I am so glad i chose her as my lawyer.

- A client, Dec 2017


Attorney Jennifer is a sharp, calm and straight-forward strategist who represented me in the highest form of professionalism and authenticity. Her kindness, attention to detail, and persistence in all aspects, embody her genuine character. The team at IMIN Law is very communicative and friendly. 
I have got my green card in minimum possible period without any hassle and thanks to Jennifer and IMIN Law staff who made it so simple and fast. they are very responsible, quick, transparent, and friendly. I even recommended them in my friend's circle. I strongly recommend Jennifer and IMIN Law for any immigration related case.

- Gaurav Kant, Nov 2017


They are fantastic! I greatly appreciate your fast responses to all my questions and your assistance for the successful process of my case. It also helped me a ton that you guys let me know what was going on when there were any updates on the case. Highly recommended (:

- Celeste Park, October 2017


Mrs. Ahn has been a great help for my family. When I applied for an employment immigration before meeting Mrs. Ahn and her team, I was in a difficult situation. However, Mrs. Ahn handled the case efficiently and proactively. As a result, my family and I were able to receive green card and eventually citizenships. We could not thank her enough for all that she did for us! We would definitely recommend her for any immigration cases.

- Mark, October 2017



She is very kind, and clearly explains what is needed to her clients. Whenever I had questions, she contently answered. She is very professional and her team is well organized. Therefore, her team gets things done quickly and precisely. When I needed something urgently, her team even stayed overtime in their office to send me documents. My final goal was achieved through her team's help.

- Kyung, September 2017

​​​​GOOGLE REVIEW  ★★★★★

I strongly recommend imin law group , best immigration attorney in Chicago area, if I could give her 100 stars I would.

- Elida Perez, August 2017

​​​​GOOGLE REVIEW  ★★★★★

I highly recommend using Lawyer Jennifer Ahn and Imin Law Group. She did her excellent job for the green card process without any kind of audit. She is very precise and sincere. I think the expression "Time is Money" is suitable well on immigration processing. In that sense, choosing Imin Law Group is the best of the best for both saving time and money. I believe her accumulated experiences in variety immigration issues can smooth your way.

- Taekguen Oh, August 2017


We would highly reccomend Imin law to ANYONE in need.

We've used Jennifer for the last 4-5 years. Throughout my husbands entire DACA process & renewals along with the process of getting his residence card. She is very up to date on the immigration laws, process and procedures!

Jennifer cared enough about us and my husbands case that even while on vacation (out of the country) she still reached out to us to make sure our appointment went well! Ann called to check up as well.

We couldn't thank Jennifer and her team enough! Without Imin law who knows what the future may have held for our family!

Bottom line, we would HIGHLY recommend Jennifer and Ann!!

- Antonio & Kristy Barrientos, August 2017


My case was little bit different and complicated to begin with, I first had my OPT card from my student visa and when it was about to expire I needed to adjust my status to permanent resident. Her first consolidation was very easy to understand the process with her assistant, they are always listen to us and I somehow did not feel any anxiety of failing so I decided to hire her right after the consolidation. They always give us a accurate list of documents that I had to prepare and all we had to do was just bring in some documents and sign on the papers. We did not have any step rejected or returned from USCIS, and it only took 3 months until I officially accepted as permanent resident. (usually 6 months according to recent immigration circumstances) Every time when I called them or shoot them with an e-mail, their reply was always clear and accurate and lead us forward. I also brought her into the final interview and literally we were in and out in 10 minutes. All the documents and paper that she provided to the officer was good enough to prove our situation and I finally got my card in my hand on the other day.

If you have been looking for a trustfully and great layer in immigration, she is the one to go with. I am returning to them for my renewing and I would definitely recommend you to pick.

- Ken, May 2017


My husband and i hired Jennifer Ahn for my green card processing, after we contacted and set up a meeting with her.From our first meeting something felt so right ,Ahn was so patient and very thorough to explain in an organized manner,the documents required of us and the ideal estimated time of processing.Jennifer was with us all the way through from SEPT 2016 -MARCH 2017,when my GREEN CARD was APPROVED.She went above and beyond and most importantly made my husband and i feel welcome to contact her if we had any concern,she always kept in touch too. On a lighter note,i remember the immigration officer stating that we had MORE THAN ENOUGH DOCUMENTS during the interview,lol. 
Ahn is exceptionally brilliant and very knowledgable attorney ,her service was top notch which CANNOT be compared with any attorney out there,her service was SO AFFORDABLE also . I would definitely recommend any potential client to try out IMIN LAW FIRM,let them show you how stressfree immigration process could be.Thank you so much IMIN LAW FIRM .You are awesome.

- Ayobami, March 2017

AVVO: GC through marriage ★★★★★

When I was looking for help to apply for my green card, Jennifer Ahn was right one to get help from. She had long years of experience dealing with the cases like mine. I was married in October 2015 and I applied in December 2015 for my green. On April 2016, within 4 months as we guessed, I got my conditional two green card. Throughout the process attorney Jeniffer Ahn and her team were very detail oriented, caring, and easily reachable via email, phone or in person whenever I had questions. Besides, the attorney fee was very reasonable comparing with other lawyers in state of Illinois. I will need her help when I need to apply to remove two year condition on GC. And For the future immigration legal advice or serivice I highly recommend her. I am very grateful and satisfied with the service they provided. Thanks again:)!

- Bahodir, September 2016


We recently used Jennifer Ahn’s services to obtain a green card for my husband. Mrs. Ahn was very helpful and professional. We were happily surprised that the entire process from the moment we filed to the time my husband got his interview, updated status and work permit took only three months.

- Margaret, August 2016


I really appreciate lawyer Jennifer Ahn and her secretary for being kind and responsible during our family's green card process. They have prepared the documents carefully and worked diligently. So my family got the green card earlier than expected.

- A client, August 2016


Best immigration lawyer in Chicago area that provides best result

- Ji Hoon Jeong, August 2016


The BEST immigration law firm you can find in the country.
Great communications and prompt in processing documents for clients.
Would definitely go back to IMIN Law for any immigration related help needed.

- Jae Kyung Kim, August 2016


They are always ready to help you to get through all obstacles you face in the immigration issues and they are hard working

- Chris, August 2016


Mrs. Anh is more than efficient in her profession. She always answer to my questions in the timely manner. She explained the reason and guided appropriately. She would question to clarify and make sure the paper work is appropriate. She made the process very organized, and easy to follow. She treated me with courtesy and I trusted her.I appreciated it , thank you so much for very thing you did, Mrs, Ahn.

- A client, June 2016


I want to thank ,Jennifer and her team they are very good at their job ,don't know where I would be without them, i would recommend her to everyone .
she was very efficient at getting me approved for permanent residency without any hassel.

- Anchonette Palmer, June 2016


Has a good statistic standing of successful cases and is very hard working. She worked on my case as if it was her own issue. She would frequently encourage me with her optimism. I have introduced her to my close acquaintances and actually, quite a few of them are working with her currently and they are all satisfied.

- DO Kim, June 2016

​​​​GOOGLE REVIEW  ★★★★★

I am a pastor recently approved to become a permanent resident with the EB-2 case. I asked other ministers if they could recommend a lawyer for my application process when I heard about the sponsor offer at first. And the majority of them recommended me Ms. Ahn; some had already been granted the permanent resident status through her help. They recommended me to pursue my immigration process through her because she is “a prudent lawyer” and has had “no dismissed case of a minister”. Being a minister, I have thought the quality of sermon depends on how it had been contemplated and prepared by the speaker. Likewise, I was confident about entrusting my EB-2 case to Ms. Ahn particularly because she has been “prudent” in preparing and directing for other cases, where the result can be greatly dependent on who is preparing the case, similar to the degree of quality for sermon. Besides her professional consultation, we communicated as frequently as needed, and she got back to me with direct advice whenever I had a question. So that is how I could prepare the documents by each step and get through the case with Ms. Ahn. She has been a meticulous lawyer in my opinion, and thanks to her I could not worry less in my immigration process. I truly appreciate Ms. Ahn’s help in qualifying for the approval for my immigration case. Also, thanks to the staff who welcomed and gave me tips and advice when I went to the office. I wish many people can find sound, happy life through Imin Law .

- Soungho Chun, April 2016


As a foreigner in the United States, if you need a visa or green card I highly recommend the services of IMIN Law. In my case, I was a student who was trying to figure out how to obtain employment and a green card. I was referred to IMIN Law by somebody I know. From the beginning of my case, from gathering of my documents to filing the case I received accurate and friendly assistance. In my situation, my PERM case was initially denied improperly by the DOL but surprisingly Attorney Jennifer Ahn used her expertise and knowledge and was skillfully able to reverse the denial and my case was approved!

Every step after that, no matter what the issue, she helped to smoothly overcome any hurdles and my case was processed easily to the successful end. I know there are many immigration attorneys to choose from, however, the sign of a really good immigration attorney is that when you face difficulties or obstacles, a good attorney makes all the difference by being able to any issues with skill and positive results. In that regard, Attorney Ahn deserves more than a perfect 10 out of 10.

The harder an immigration case, it is important to assess the situation and explain to make the client feel comfortable. Attorney Ahn and her staff are wonderful and explained case details and processing expectations. For your immigration case, I absolutely give my highest recommendation to IMIN Law. Thank you.

- Jungwon Kang, April 2016

​​​​GOOGLE REVIEW  ★★★★★

From answering questions to sending reminders for important dates, everything went smoothly in our immigration case. I highly recommend IMIN Law and would go to them again.

- Jiwan Kim, April 2016

Avvo: Well taken care of........... ★★★★★

​I used Jennifer because she seemed reasonable as opposed to other lawyers I contacted. Others wanted 100% of the fee up front which you won’t get back any if not approved. I had been previously living overseas & was going to use a lawyer from there. Tip of the day DON’T. If possible, use a lawyer from within the U.S. if you are in the U.S. Any questions I had, Jennifer or Ann were quick to respond. Anymore you are lucky to get someone to answer the phone. This is NOT the case here. I would certainly recommend IMIN Law & my recommendations don’t come easy.

- a client, March 2016


I had an amazing experience with IMIN Law. They were top notch with everything and I was completely satisfied from the beginning to finish. They were very responsive to my questions and inquiries, constantly updating on my cases, filed my petition in a timely manner. During the case, they answered my questions within a very reasonable time. There was nothing they could have done to improve the service they gave me. The team is very responsive, knowledgeable and most importantly competent. I would highly recommend this law firm.

- HJ Lee, February 2016

avvO: Excellent Lawyers ★★★★★

Me and my Husband are very blessed to havr find Jennifer. After loosing all hopes in lawyers she gave us our hopes back and make us feel that She and her staff had our back at all time of the process. IMIN LAW was very profesional handling our Immigration case. The staff help us answer all of our questions and always found a solution to our concerns. No questions were left unsolved. We are very pleased with IMIN LAW OFFICE

- Rita and Julio Agaton, December 2015

Avvo: J1 Visa  ★★★★★

I have to say that JEnnifer its an awesome lawyer and i would recommend her 100%, she helped me out to get my green card, the process was fast and smooth , she was professional and keep me update with my process. For all the lawyers out there it was really weird my visaand nobody want to help me out but Jennifer did it with no worries, she knewwhat she was doing and in around 5 months i get my green card. Im so excited that i finally got it and i can travel out of the country. Everything was good, prices are super affordable and the quality of service is high i would contact her in the future if i need it.

- Marinela, November 2015


Lawyer Ahn is a best lawyer, and I have received green card without being audited and less than a year to take. She is excellent about her job and makes green card application smoothly run. I strongly recommend her a best lawyer for immigration issues.

- John Lee, August 2015

Avvo: excelente experience!  ★★★★★

I was a J1 and after I switched to F1 visa during my time in USA, as soon I married my husband, I started to look for a good lawyer to help me with my green card process because it was very confusing for me. I talked to a lot of lawyer, and from all the answers, Jennifer appeared to me the most honest...everybody else was getting me paranoid and some others lawyers discoraged me telling me will be very difficult to get me a green card in their hope to get some more money out.

I contacted Jennifer and not only the price was reasonable but she took the time to explain me very clear the process and answer all my questions. I felt was the right person to trust my green card process to, so we started to work together. She was wonderful, always ahead for the next steps, she always kept me updated, very fast the process and she made it very easy. I will recommend her to anybody who wants a good lawyer who cares about giving a quality service.

The best experience and best lawyer. In less time that I was expecting I got my green card with no problems, she made everything smooth for me and was always on top of the process to make sure everything was going fine.

Thank you Jennifer for all your help!

- Oreana, July 2015


​I can't say enough positive things about Jennifer and her team. From day 1 she was so trustworthy, patient and nice that it was reassuring to us. Every time we had a question whether it was once a week or 5 times a day she never seemed annoyed and always answered our questions and provided us documents to put us at ease. 

Our case was an immigration case to help my husband get his green card. After hearing so many horror stories and after hearing "it couldn't be done" by two other lawyers, our hope was lost. We got referred to Jennifer from a friend and it was the best decision we ever made. She never put us on the back burner or behind anything else she had to do. Every time we completed and got approved for one step she was right on top of the next. 

She always tripled checked everything before sending it in just to make sure it was all correct (if something isn't sent in or filled out you have to go back to the beginning). Our process was a lot of waiting but Jennifer was always calling and checking and in and seeing what she could do to speed it along. If we had questions or concerns she got down to the bottom of it. If something needed to be signed by one of us and we couldn't make it to her office she would express mail it to us with tabs on where to sign. 

Even after everything was done she still encourages us to call her if we ever need anything or have any other questions about my husbands process. 

I know many people going through my same process and we now have three friends who have hired Jennifer as well. 

I can't thank Jennifer enough. Because of her our dream came true and my husband and I can live our lives how they should be lived. Not only is she an amazing lawyer but also a really great person. We owe a lot to Jennifer and her team and they are forever in our hearts!

- Shelbi, July 2014


It was great to work with Jennifer and her assistant Ann for my H1B application. She is very professional,efficient, organized and methodical. Initially we were not sure about the labor certification requirements in the field of academic research but she promptly figured it out and came up with the right documentation. She was also always available for any questions and called and emailed me immediately whenever she got any news about the status of my H1B visa application. I am extremely satisfied with the service provided and highly recommend her firm. 
P.S. Her office is great and is in a beautiful building that has an old world charm to it.

- Sujana, April 2015


Jennifer was very professional and organized. Definitely made the whole process a lot smoother. All we had to worry about was getting her the paper work she asked for and showing up to the hearing. She kept us informed and we felt like we knew what was going on the entire process. Definitely a relief as the immigration process can be a real hassle. She was reasonably priced and made herself available whenever we called. Great job!

- Laura and Joe, April 2014​


There were a lot of hardships to overcome while getting my citizenship and Attorney Ahn was always there to give me the push I needed to keep my hopes up. I was grateful to have her there at my citizenship interview because the officer asked so many questions regarding my taxes. I am a United States Citizen NOW! thanks to her.

- Sam, May 2014


One of my friend referred Attorney Jennifer Ahn to us and I also am so glad that I choose her to help and guide me with my immigration status to be solved out. In short, definitely, my wife and I highly recommend Atty. Jennifer Ahn. I don't want to put my whole story but I would like to say one thing that Jennifer Ahn is a healer and a best lawyer for the immigration law and others. Because I had a worst case on my legal change-status for visa but she did make it to be resolved out fantastically. If she didn’t work hard for me, I couldn’t stay in United States. So I would highly recommend Jennifer Ahn and Imin Law Group. Mrs Ahn is a compassionate, intelligent, fair and motivated lawyer. She is dedicated to helping me succeed in an efficient and productive manner. And her team also helped me resolve my legal issues quickly, easily and kindly. One more time again, I confidently would recommend using Atty. Jennifer Ahn and the Imin Law Group for any immigration issues and other law matters. They would be your healer for your life as they did create a healthy and enjoyable life for me and my wife. 

- Myung Han, February 2015


I first came to the United States as a student and the path to getting my green card and citizenship was not easy. I could even write an entire book about the process now! When it was very hard for me and I wanted to give up on the process because of various issues that came up, Attorney Ahn was always there to give me hope and reassured me that everything would be okay. I would most definitely recommend her to people I know and have already done so.

- kc kim, March 2015


If you need an immigration law attorney who actually gets the job done, this is definitely the office you need to visit. I went in to discuss the immigration and naturalization process for my family in South Korea, and Jennifer laid out all possible options with clear details so that you can make a sound, informed decision. No BS and very reasonable pricing, combination of which is a rare trait among legal offices nowadays. And of course, she's got the necessary subject-matter expertise culminating from over a decade of experience dealing with all sorts of cases.

- James Lee, May 2015


My parent's friend came from South Korea to work for our business, however, their H1B was near to expiring, so we were in desperate need to find an immigration firm to renew his H1B. We have been through different various immigration firms, but IMIN Law was the best OVERALL. To clarify, when we arrived to the place they were very welcoming (the attorney and staff) were extremely helpful and were willing to do whatever they can to get the H1B renewed for the best price since the prices for renewal is not cheap. Since our experience with this firm was very successful and satisfying, he will get his Green Card here and will recommend to others that are in need of the same help.

- Timothy Cho, May 2015


I highly recommend Attorney Ahn. She is not only a professional with many years of experience, but also, she is a great human being! Attorney Ahn was with me since the beginning to the successful end of my case. She was always available for me no matter what time of day it was. If anyone is looking for a professional and experienced lawyer, Attorney Ahn is the person for you.

- Elizabeth, November 2014


Attorney Ahn listens well and very good at pointing to right resources. She was well aware of expected timeline and processes. I would recommend her to my friends.

- ysw, June 2014


I received my green card in October 2013 through Attorney Jennifer Ahn at IMIN Law. Because I struggled a lot with my immigration problems before hiring Attorney Ahn, I appreciate and trust her knowledge of the law. I would recommend Attorney Ahn for anyone who is worried about their immigration matters.

- Rocky, August 2014


Attorney Ahn helped my husband through the complicated procedure of obtaining his greencard and, ultimately, his US citizenship. We had a great experience with Attorney Ahn and her staff who were always willing to answer our questions, return our phone calls, and generally keep us informed of the process.

- Esther, May 2014


My Dad told me to go to this lawyer for deferred action case. I was not sure about using a lawyer to help me because before I used a different lawyer and we wasted our money and did not receive anything. I talked to her for long time about what to do and asked many questions. I decided to trust her and she helped me to file the documents. I told her too that my name was different because my old attorney and other translated documents had different mistakes on my name. She helped to fix the problem and now I am using only one name on all my documents. Don't worry and she will make you feel comfortable and to understand what's going on.

- Sunny, April 2014


I used Jennifer to get my green card through my husband. My case had some issues so I had to hire a lawyer. I was kinda scared about going to a lawyer but she was very nice and helpful. She helped me get the required documents so that I could file my case and was nice enough to walk me through the steps in getting some documents so patiently. I recommended a family member to her and would definitely recommend her to people I know.

- Ana, February 2014

client reviews

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